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Top Social Media Resources Around The World


Every region has a unique social media landscape. Many countries, like China and Russia, even have their own social networking sites. If you’re a marketer for a global brand, it’s important to stay on top of the latest news in global social communications – to ensure you can effectively leverage social media to connect with your customers and community, worldwide.

We’ve put together a collection of social media blogs from around the world, to keep you up-to-date with the latest in social media trends, statistics, and technology, all over the world.

North America

Cindy King

United States

Through her personal blog, Social Media Examiner writer, Cindy King, strives to inspire professionals to get more international business through social and digital strategies


United Kingdom

Communicator, blogger, and podcaster, Neville Hobson, analyzes and discusses global trends, behaviors, and practices in digital communication to help you understand what they mean for people and organizations.


United Kingdom

Richard Millington is the Founder and Managing Director of FeverBee Limited, a community consultancy, and The Pillar Summit, an exclusive community management training course. Richard’s blog, FeverBee, which attracts a readership of 6000 community experts, is ranked amongst the top 10 UK marketing blogs and is widely cited as best practice in helping organizations around the world improve their community efforts.


Krishna De


In her blog, Krishna provides guidance on how to develop your social media policy and access examples of social media guidelines. She’s an award-winning digital communications, online publicity and content marketing strategist, and mentor.


DreamGrow Digital


DreamGrow is a Digital Marketing agency with roots in Northern Europe. They have a great blog featuring frequent post on social media news, social media marketing trends, cases and examples, and global research and statistics.

Media Culpa


Media Culpa is a Swedish blog about media and public relations – with a focus on social media – written by Swedish PR practitioner Hans Kullin


France, Metropolitan

Mastercom is a French blog about viral marketing, social media strategy, twitter advertising and viral video advertising –  by adrien de malherbe, based in Paris. You’ll find the top creative advertising campaign in viral, social media, digital, print, outdoor, TV commercial and more.


France, Metropolitan

ViralBlog is a French thought leading global blog that has been sharing opinionated marketing related stories on a daily basis since 2007.  Here you can expect awesome viral ideas, social marketing trends and disruptive innovations that are changing the rules in the marketplace.


Marketing Amnesia


Ishwar Sundararaman launched Marketing Amnesia to deal with the biggest shift in marketing – a more intelligent, a more networked, and consequently a more powerful consumer. With local news in social media trends and best practices from India and beyond.


Digital Buzz


Featuring the latest digital ad campaigns, hot new websites, interactive marketing ideas, virals, industry news, social media, insights, and other great digital trends from all over the world. Digital Buzz gets about 300,000 unique visitors every month – and encourages their audience to share their latest creative and innovative marketing campaigns – as long as it has a video.



Sydney, Australia’s Award-winning Jeff Bullas, is a consultant, coach, mentor, and speaker. This blog is about all things to do with Social Media and Online Marketing, including Twitter, Blogging, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and inbound and content marketing.

South Africa


South Africa

Socialmedialogue is a social strategy blog run by a group of CapeCoders Web Engineers in South Africa. The blog features tips on best practices and the latest in social media news, trends, and events, unique to South Africa.

East Asia


This blog brings Asia tech and startup news to the world. Tech in Asia has a social media section – reporting on the latest news, trends, and technologies in Asian social media.

Social Media Philippines


Rob Angeles is the founder and principal blogger for the first Philippine Social Media blog  – he shares tips, strategies, and best practices, and also reports on local Philippine Social Media events.

Ask Aaron Lee


Aaron Lee is the Malaysian ‘social ninja’ behind Binkd, a complete social media marketing platform for promotions. His blog, Ask Aaron Lee, provides strategies, tips, guides and updates to help you fully utilize social media to grow your business.

Resonance China


Resonance China designs digital & social relationships between the world’s best brands and their China customers across the Middle Kingdom’s most popular social media networks. Their blog reports on the latest in Chinese social media statistics, trends, and insights from the Resonance team.

Middle East



Bigumigu is a Turkish blog – a source of independent innovation in marketing, advertising, marketing, design, and technology – delivering the latest digital news from the Middle East and beyond.




Italian Martina Zavagno founded in 2003 and has a team from across the globe to bring it to you 24 hours a day. Martina’s global team is Italian, Australian, Danish, Japanese, French and Mexican – reporting on innovative digital marketing ideas from across the globe.

Did we miss any? Tell us what your favorite international social media resources are in the comments section! If you’re interested in learning more about social media in other countries, check out our white paper below, Defining the World’s Social Media Maturity.

Defining the World’s Social Media Listening Maturity from Synthesio

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