Tribute to our friend Trey Pennington

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Tribute to our friend Trey Pennington


We are extremely saddened by the news of Trey Pennington’s passing this past weekend. We’ve had a longstanding relationship with Trey throughout the years. We’ve collaborated on countless projects, partnered at various events, and his business acumen, wisdom, and ongoing advice have played an integral part in the growth and success of Synthesio.

Most importantly, however, our relationship with Trey Pennington quickly evolved into one of close friendship and mutual support. His easy-going demeanor, non-stop charm, and infectious laugh always brought a smile to our faces, and his willingness to always lend a helping hand inspired us to not only improve our business, but aspire to be better people as well. I have no doubt that countless others who have had as much as a 5 minute conversation with Trey have felt the same way…

Trey Pennington’s presence and impact on Synthesio and the entire marketing community will remain for many years to come. Our thoughts go out to Trey’s family and friends – and all others whose lives he has touched.

Trey always talked about developing “amazing stories”…we invite all who read this blog to share their positive experiences and memories below, and let’s share the amazing story of Trey Pennington.


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