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A Quick Note about Twitter Data – Everything Is Fine


Twitter Data Bird Social Intelligence SynthesioThere’s been a lot of buzz in the news lately about Twitter severing its relationship with third-party data providers such as Datasift.  While a few of the news reports got it right, many of them missed the point, talking about how “all” third-party access to Twitter got cut off.

The reality is much simpler.  The only access that was discontinued was for the remaining two companies who buy data from Twitter and then resell it to other companies, DataSift and NTT Data. It doesn’t affect anyone who buys their data directly from Twitter, which includes Synthesio.

We’ve got a great relationship with Twitter and their in-house data provider Gnip, one that’s existed for a number of years.  We long-ago decided that we wanted to get our data right from the source and partnered directly with Twitter to build our platform.

Consequently, we are completely unaffected by this change, and I’m looking forward to getting even richer data from Twitter and Gnip in the future.

Editorializing for a minute, Twitter’s move to stop allowing third-parties to sell Twitter’s own data makes perfect sense.  There are very specific and strong rules that Twitter has about how you access, store, maintain and use their data.  Allowing third-parties to buy data from Twitter and then resell it to end-users breaks that relationship, and makes it difficult for Twitter to enforce their own rules and regulations.

In the end though, while a lot of hay was made in the mainstream tech media about the change, it’s a fairly simple example of a growing tech company taking better control over their core intellectual property.  And from Synthesio’s perspective, it doesn’t affect us at all.

If any of our partners or customers have any questions or concerns about any of this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via Twitter at @matthewzito or email at mzito@synthesio.com

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