UltraHD TVs Won CES 2015

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UltraHD TVs Won CES 2015


As we all know, CES is the biggest consumer tech show of the year, and it can also be used as a great barometer to see what consumers want from their new technology. With that in mind, Synthesio decided to monitor all conversations surrounding CES, and what we found was quite surprising. UltraHD televisions and the technology behind it, was the primary focus of online conversations around CES, with 35.6% of users discussing it.

With all of the buzz that drones and wearable technology had in the media heading into CES, it is quite interesting to see what consumers and those at CES are actually interested in and impressed by.  The future of home entertainment was surprisingly the leading conversation around CES, which means that while consumers love to have the newest mobile gadgets on them at all times, the technology in their homes is still important to them.

CES 2015 Social Media Monitoring Social Intelligence UltraHD 4K IoT

Following UltraHD, the focus of global online conversations surrounded wearable technology (29.6% of online conversations), the Internet of Things (19.4%), Drones (7.8%), Virtual Reality (6.4%), Phablets (0.6%) and 3D Printing (0.4%).

It is clear that people are focusing their technological needs on innovations that will make their lives both better and easier. UltraHD was presumably the most talked about topic, as it improves their home entertainment and in turn their home lives. People are then interested in wearable technology and the internet of things, both of which provide technology that helps improve, and perhaps more importantly facilitate efficiency in our day-to-day lives.

Here is some more fun data that we found:

  • 72% of all conversations were being had by men, while only 28% were had by females.
  • The conversations were being had in the following language:

CES 2015 Social Media Monitoring Social Intelligence UltraHD 4K IoT

  • The top influencers for CES 2015 were:

CES 2015 Social Media Monitoring Social Intelligence UltraHD 4K IoT

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