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Vote for our SXSW panel – Synthesio


vote sxsw panelThe SXSW 2015 panel voting is now live and it’s up to you to vote for your favorite panels to ensure that they are selected for the year’s biggest Interactive conference, held in Austin, Texas.

One of the coolest and most interactive things about SXSW, is the opportunity for you to choose which submitted panels get accepted. SXSW uses their Panel Picker tool to allow the public to choose which panels get accepted. You simply need to create an account (it’s FREE!) and then you can vote by giving the panel a “thumbs up”.

Vote for Synthesio!

We would truly appreciate a thumbs up vote for our Social Intelligence fueled panel submissions,”Move Beyond Social Listening to Insights” and  “Is your word of mouth working for or against you?”

Move beyond Social Listening to insights

Information, reviews, complaints and compliments are spread globally across social media with a few mouse clicks. And they are like a permanent tattoo seen over and over by customers and prospects researching your products and services. Even if your goods have improved by leaps and bounds, the “tattoo” of your past is merely faded.

This is why it’s crucial to use social media listening and measurement applications to monitor, analyze and inform you quickly of online brand threats and opportunities. However, this data is only important if you actually do something with it.

In this panel, we’ll talk about taking the next steps from listening to actionable insights.

Questions Answered

– How do you turn social data into insights?

– How do you align KPIs across departments and channels?

– How do you streamline company-wide collaboration?

– How do you fine-tune your business goals and strategies?

– How do you scale social across your company and systems?


Leah Pope Synthesio & TBD

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Is your word of mouth working for or against you?

Word of mouth marketing has always been a powerful force and every strategic marketer knows that customers are more influenced by fellow customers than they are by vendors. Now, in the social age, influencers have a louder and more powerful voice than ever before. With any luck, these influencers can be powerful allies for your brand, but what if you can take the luck out with strategic social marketing efforts? This session will cover how to find your key influencers (and detractors), how to strategically reach out, build relationships, ignite the passion of your fans and identify key success points to measure your progress.

Questions Answered

– Who are my social influencers and how do I find them?

– Is it wrong to incentivize my influencers to speak positively towards my brand?

– How do I track my influencer marketing program in terms my CEO cares about?

– How do I reach out to my social influencers?

Do I need an enterprise budget to run a successful influencer marketing campaigns?


Loic Moisand Synthesio

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The PanelPicker will be open for voting until Friday, Sept. 5 and anyone can vote, regardless of whether you are going to attend the conference or not.

Thanks for your help and support!

– The Synthesio Team

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