Web Review from 6/09/2009

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Web Review from 6/09/2009


Online Reputation Management (ORM) – A Proactive, not Reactive Process (but SEO and SEM only go so far)


Taking care of your company’s online reputation is certainly not a task to be dealt with “post crisis”. Monitoring should be a constant activity, either with any number of the free tools that we are all familiar with or with professional tools like Synthesio.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) can respond to monitoring needs in their own way but they don’t go far enough. You also need to be able to identify which sites are the most important, who are your brand’s influencers, what are your community’s main activities, etc.

In order to avoid certain crises (by detecting Internet users that can damage a brand’s reputation – rightly or wrongly), being proactive is key, but also and perhaps above all, so is finding and promoting so-called “brand ambassadors”.

After that it’s up to the company to decide what to do with this information. Unfortunately there is no handbook that can tell you exactly how to interact with your community. We’re well aware that the agencies that we work with have their work cut out for them!

Poor Economy Heightens Brand Equity


According to a study published by Harris Interactive, brand equity does not decrease during an economic crisis. On the contrary, consumers see purchasing familiar products or services as a sound investment.

Doesn’t that mean, then, that you should be monitoring your brand more closely during any type of crisis? After all, brand equity is created largely via buzz (online) and word of mouth (everywhere else), and WOM doesn’t go away just because of economic troubles!

It’s clear, of course, that a “golden” reputation is constructed over the long-term, but the analysis of Internet users’ online conversations makes up an essential starting point for a brand’s strategy with regards to their presence in consumers’ lives, whatever the situation… our clients seem to have gotten it quite well :).

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