Web Review from 6/18/2009

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Web Review from 6/18/2009


Open Door Day : Camille Alloing


Online reputation today has become one of the main « buzz words » of the blogosphere : it conjures up several ideas (including the management of your digital footprint, a concern for most individuals) but especially online monitoring for business intelligence purposes.

With this in mind, the site CaddE-Reputation was created. The result of a collaboration among three students specializing in online monitoring, CaddE-Reputation is an open space where you can find all of the current events regarding online monitoring tools or simply online monitoring, itself, in France.

Camille Alloing, one of the collaborators for CaddE-Reputation, has provided us with a clear and concise resumé of the process of online monitoring on Aref Jdey’s blog, Demain la veille, also well-known in the online monitoring sector.

The only missing part we saw was the Analysis of Search Returns that should follow any monitoring and precede any action. In fact, online monitoring (put simply) means:

1)      Identifying and Listening to what needs to be monitored

2)      Analyzing and Measuring

3)      Reacting judiciously

Sentiment analysis, as well as a ranking of the articles, are therefore key elements necessary for preparing the monitoring follow-up in function of the business’s short- and long-term strategies.

We will be blogging soon about how Synthesio ranks its sources, but in the meantime we’ll simply say that search returns make no sense without being able to determine their influence.

All in all, a good resumé that is worth taking a look at.

US Women use blogs and social media for information


We often receive questions about social media and the point of measuring them, and we would like to present you with some opinions from other experts on the subject. In this article you can see the results of a study carried out by BlogHer and iVillage, the two largest feminine Internet communities.

Although this study is only based on American participants, the analysis can surely be applied to a large number of countries, France for example, within a couple of years if not right away (the average delay with regards to the U.S.’s Internet use is 2 years).

Among the study’s conclusions is a poll of 3.000 women, 80% of whom read a blog 1 to 3 times a week, often searching for new products online.

Nevertheless, the fundamental point remains: these women buy brands that they are “familiar with”. 😉

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