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Web Review from 6/24/09


Trends: Impacts Of The Era of Social Colonization – Every Webpage to be Social


Here is an interesting idea brought to us by Jeremiah Owyang in his latest blog post from the study The Future of the Social Web (that is probably right on): soon, all brand web pages will be social.

He presents a list of how each page could become interactive, even if the company isn’t necessarily keen on the idea…

Facebook, for example, already offers the possibility to open a link while remaining within the Facebook site. This allows Internet users, then, to click on hyperlinks without ever leaving Facebook and therefore experience an “entirely social navigation” of the web.

Another example: aggregators that combine e-mail and other private social network feeds with public information from various sites. They allow increasingly rapid information sharing and a global fusion of the social web with the Web 1.0, sometimes referred to as the “static” web.

In the end, the great implication is the sharing of all of our data, public and private. A company’s ethics are directly implied, then, since being ethical is no longer a simple luxury but truly an obligation given that it is possible to detect immediately if there is a spokesperson or company employee defaming the image of the company.

A second implication has to do with the consumer’s voice that will continue to become more important than that of the company and its directors. The opinions of other Internet users are no longer perceived to be those of strangers and have come to have a greater impact on consumers’ purchase decisions.

Opera 10, Chrome 4, Firefox 4 : Vers des plateformes sociales et applicatives


Staying within the theme of information sharing and aggregation, Fred Cavazza posted an article on his blog describing 3 new platforms that have just been launched in response to the social demands of Internet users.

It’s hard to say which of the 3 is the most promising (although we do have a soft spot for Firefox here at our offices 🙂 ), but we can’t wait to see the buzz around these tools. One thing is certain though: all of these aggregators try to respond to a greater need to easily handle several accounts. Why? To better manage an online reputation, of course!

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