Web Review from 7/02/2009

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Web Review from 7/02/2009


A few (extra) reasons to monitor social media

#1 : Dave and his “blank”



The virality of this video is stunning (just as much as its content) and fully demonstrates the speed at which information spreads nowadays.

After a few moments of confusion about the product “blank”, the scenario is taken over by a certain Dave that, in one week, will become the new brand advocate of “blank”.

But first, we must answer: Which “blank”? The “blank” with all the “blanks”? Over 1,900 comments, videos on YouTube of people advising against “blank” that have since changed their minds and now suggest “blank”. One post on Twitter that received 14 replies within 2 minutes, yet Dave is still unsure if he should buy “blank”…

His uncle and a friend have “blank”: according to them, it’s “the best blank of all”. 😉 Dave finally makes up his mind and buys “blank”. He loves it. A note arrives for him in the mail saying that “blank” loves him, and he loves “blank” back 🙂 . He put photos of his “blank” on Flickr and joined “blank’s” Facebook group. He tweets about “blank” and sometimes “blank” even tweets him back. He suggests “blank” to his friends and family and convinced his sister to get a “blank” of her own. He has touched 435 lives because he is a brand advocate.

The video’s ultimate question: wouldn’t you like someone like Dave to talk about YOUR “blank”?

In short, a video that offers more than a 20-page sales presentation about the impact social media can have on your product/brand/company…

#2 : Three Essential Market-Research Methods in an Online Community


The burning question : what do you know about your customers, right now, right at this moment ? This article goes directly to the heart of the issue: in order to succeed in your market, you must know your customer. Analyzing the needs of the people that use your product or service that have real needs is indeed a key issue that can make or break a company’s success.

The MarketingProfs emphasize the idea of using communities for brand management, but forget to mention, however, that in order to do just that it is often necessary to have a professional monitoring tool in place:)

Nevertheless, the essential is there: listening and understanding the conversations about your brand allows you to detect your market’s needs, purchase motivations, etc. When the consumer is on your side, you have a strategic advantage in the bag…

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