This Week in Social Media – The Friday Rundown

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This Week in Social Media – The Friday Rundown


Week in Social MediaWelcome to our Friday Social Media Rundown, rounding up the top stories in this week in social media, to keep you up to speed on the latest in industry trends and social media news.

Here are the week’s greatest hits, fails and headlines in social media.

Facebook Launches Trending Topics via Social Media Today

After adopting hashtags, Facebook will soon be rolling out the Trending Topics feature.

In the coming two weeks, the update will roll out to selected countries like US, UK, India, Canada & Australia; followed by the launch in other countries and a launch on the mobile app.

Twitter Redesigns Desktop Homepage to Match Its Mobile Apps via Social Barrel

Twitter has redesigned its desktop homepage in a bid to match the look and feel of its mobile app versions.



The Olympics’ Social Media Secret Weapon via Mashable

The 2012 Olympic Games were accurately described by many as the world’s “first social Games” for the unprecedented ways in which digital communication connected athletes, media, and fans. For the International Olympic Committee (IOC) this meant promoting the Games online played out more or less like you’d expect, primarily happening on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter are still in, of course; that’s where most Olympics fans from around the world hang out online. But to reach Russian fans in the Games’ host country, the IOC is relying on something entirely different: a social network called Vkontakte, or VK for short

Twitter ads can now be targeted based on email, user IDs via zdnet

Digital marketers can now use their company’s CRM databases for creating tailored audiences on Twitter.

Advertisers bringing their campaigns to Twitter can hone in on their audiences through knowledge of items as simple as email addresses and user IDs.

Snapchat apologizes for jump in spam via CNET

Fresh from the bad buzz over its recent security snafu, the site is now trying to grapple with a bump in spam. In a blog posted Monday, Team Snapchat said that some members complained of an increase in Snap spam this past weekend. The tech folks at the company are trying to resolve the problem, according to the blog.

Yandex Adds Facebook Posts And Big Data To Its Search Results In Russia, Other Home Markets via TechCrunch

Yandex and Facebook had a notable run-in last year when a team of developers from the Russian search giant created a social search app called Wonder, which Facebook promptly blocked, leading to it shutting down. But in reality, the two sides have been working together since 2010, and today comes the latest chapter in the collaboration. Yandex is launching a social search feature that will serve Yandex visitors related, real-time public posts from Facebook alongside other search results. Yandex, which accounts for around 60% of all searches in Russia, will also use Facebook firehose data to help provide more relevant results.

Synthesio Integrates Social Listening And Engagement Platform Into IBM Connections via Adotas

Synthesio has struck a major partnership with IBM that integrates their award-winning social media monitoring and engagement software into IBM Connections.

Did we miss anything this week in social media? Let us know in the comments!

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