This Week in Social Media – The Friday Rundown

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This Week in Social Media – The Friday Rundown


In our Friday Roundup up we summarize  the top stories in social media for the week, to keep you up to speed on the latest in industry trends, technology and social media news.

From the social media response to Burger King’s weird PR stunt, to the  web frenzy surrounding the government shutdown– it has certainly been an exciting week in the social sphere.

Here are the week’s greatest hits, fails and top headlines in social media.

Government Shutdown? At Least Social Media Still Works via Mashable

A  government shutdown commenced at midnight ET Tuesday,  and despite the serious implications that come along with more than 800,000 government workers now furloughed, social media has been abuzz with comments of all types — from the maddening to the hilarious.

The Web Hates Burger King’s Fake Name Change via TIME

Burger King may have made a misstep with its french fry campaign this week by pretending to change its official name to Fries King. In a bid to promote the fast food chain’s new “French Fry Burger” and “healthier” Satisfries (supposedly ten-years-in-the-making), Burger King actually swapped out its classic logo at a restaurant location and has been promoting the new name on Facebook and Twitter. Judging by some customers’ reactions to the company’s 32-photo Facebook album, people aren’t happy.


Facebook Starts Rollout Of Graph Search For Posts, Comments, Check-Ins To Reveal The Past And Present via TechCrunch

This week, Facebook began rolling out Graph Search for posts to a small subset of US English users. It will allow us to see what the world thinks of anything, but could also dredge up the past, defeating ‘privacy by obscurity’.

Google+ May Finally Matter Thanks To YouTube Comments via TechCrunch

You didn’t really need a Google+ account until now. You might have one whether you wanted it or not. But YouTube’s new commenting system requires a presence on Google+. And there’s no real alternative to YouTube for video. Google+ may have mattered before in theory, but now it matters in practice.

LinkedIn Is Building A Massive Global ‘Economic Graph’ via Forbes

LinkedIn has close to a quarter billion members for its “professional graph” of people’s professional connections, but LinkedIn’s CEO says the long-term vision is to develop “the world’s first economic graph,” which would include every job available.

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