What Was The Buzz At Social Media World Forum 2015?

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What Was The Buzz At Social Media World Forum 2015?


SMWFThe very essence of social & digital media means that it is something that everyone within a business can be involved in to spread a company’s message. With that said, it can also create a lot of challenges, which is why more people than ever need to know what the latest trends are in social marketing.

Last week, together with our new strategic partner Conversocial, we had an exciting opportunity to be exhibiting at the Social Media World Forum in London. Since we love social listening, we looked at what was being said online during the two-day #SMWF event by looking at the more than 5,500 mentions during the event. Interestingly enough, out of all mentions coming from Europe, there were 75.8%  from the UK, 6.5% from France, 3.4% from Italy and 2.8% from Switzerland.

The keynote session “How social media has changed the notion of celebrity” and the fascinating case studies that were presented about using influencers as brand advocates from Alper Eroglu, Global Media Director, Deodorants and Oral Care Categories at Unilever, generated a great amount of buzz. In fact many of the keywords that came up in the event’s overall word cloud (click on the image to see all the keywords properly), stemmed from this session:


Word-of-mouth marketing has always been a powerful driver of consumer behavior. Every experienced marketer knows that customers are more likely to base purchasing decisions on information from fellow customers than brand advertisements. In the age of social media, brands can capitalize on this by focusing their efforts on social influencers. With influencer identification tools, brands can locate influencers across the social web, rank them and then develop strategies to incentivise those users to share key information that will sway potential buyers.

Were you one of the 10 top Influencers talking online around #SMWF? 


Finally, many online conversations occurred around Jason Mills, Head of Digital, ITV News; Tom Edmonds, Director of Digital and Creative at Conservative Party and John Crowley, Digital Editor, EMEA at The Wall Street Journal surrounding their session “2015 – The first social media election?”Some of the questions they were trying to answer included topics such as: to what extent is social embedded into the psyche of political parties, what can politicians learn from brands to enable their social strategies, and finally, they were also looking at the ways in which social feedback for live televised debates might help form and shift public opinion on campaigns in real time.  For more information about this, check out our blog post that looked at the public reaction to UK 2015 General Election TV debates, which you can read here.

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