Social Media Trend Analysis

Social media trend analysis

For brands that want to achieve and maintain their relevance on social channels—to lead and not follow markets—social media trend analysis is an essential practice. By leveraging real-time data from social networks, blogs, and forums, firms can collect primary market research data from billions of users around the world.

Using social listening and trend analysis tools together, organizations can monitor the conversations of real people about their brand, products, and services while obtaining actionable insights into the trends influencing their customers and their business. Through social media trend analysis, firms can take the pulse of the social web, using the knowledge they gain to more effectively inspire, engage, and delight online audiences.

Identifying Social Shifts Dashboard

Tools used for social media trend analysis

Brands can use social media trend analysis to anticipate changes in consumer demographics, attitudes, values, and needs and identify developing local and global consumer trends. They can also detect the emergence of disruptive technologies and new competitors in their industry as well as identify the people and events their customers are interested in and the brands they respect.

Social media trend analysis is carried out easily using social media listening and analytics tools. These tools can be used to collect and analyze data from various social networks and other sources of publicly available user-generated content, transforming billions of mentions into practical insights that brands can use to inform their marketing, sales, customer support, and product development strategies.

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Using social media trend analysis for market research

More efficient and less costly than using conventional market research methods such as interviews and focus groups, social media trend analysis leverages the easily accessible, unbiased opinions of real people talking openly and honestly about the things that matter to them on the social web. Firms can use social listening tools to monitor these conversations and discover emerging trends, viral topics and videos, and other information useful for creating content and messaging that strikes a chord with consumers. Brands can monitor and track consumer perception of their brand and their competitors, obtain valuable feedback about their products and services, and become aware of important changes in consumer needs, habits, and expectations.

Using social media trend analysis to obtain audience insights

Another way firms can use social media trend analysis is to learn more about their consumers—their interests, preferences, and behaviors—the publications they read, the places they travel to, their favorite brands of beer or coffee. By using an audience insights tool, organizations can access detailed demographic, psychographic, and behavioral information about the groups they want to reach. They can explore how the likes and dislikes and values and habits of their audience change over time, using these insights to develop content that speaks directly to their target groups. By leveraging audience insights, firms can better engage consumers on social channels and optimize and boost the ROI of their marketing campaigns.

Social listening, audience insights, and AI-powered trend detection in one platform

  • Synthesio’s Social Intelligence Suite is a robust toolset integrating customizable, easy-to-use social listening, audience insights, and AI-powered social media trend analysis tools into a single platform.
  • Social Listening Dashboards show you the most relevant mentions of your brand, your competitors, and other topics of interest to you—on a wide range of social channels—so you can assess brand intelligence, evaluate the impact of marketing campaigns, and be aware of new trends consumers are discussing.
  • Profiler, Synthesio’s audience analysis tool, helps you better understand your customers—their demographics, interests, hobbies, and other insights that you can use to improve your products and services and craft messaging and content that is both relevant and interesting to your target audience.
  • Signals, Synthesio’s trend analysis tool, leverages state-of-the-art data science algorithms to analyze billions of conversations from across the social web fast—automatically surfacing the most statistically significant trends and insights from real-time data.
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Moving from Social Listening to Social Media Intelligence

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What is a social media analytics tool?2020-02-13T11:24:11-05:00
This is a tool that helps organizations collect and analyze data from various social media sources. It helps firms make sense of their social media data by transforming large volumes of data into practical social media insights that they can then use to assess and improve their social media campaigns and other marketing initiatives and distribute across teams in order to foster smarter, data-backed decision-making.
What is the purpose of social media analytics?2020-02-13T11:24:16-05:00
It is essential for obtaining value and actionable insights from social media data, or data that has been collected from social sources including social networking services, forums, and blogs. Social media analytics helps firms use social media data to monitor and measure campaign performance, carry out competitor benchmarking, gauge social sentiment around their brand and products, and identify emerging consumer and industry trends.
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