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Social Listening Tools and Insights to Help Your Automotive Brand Excel

Drive Brand Growth with Social Insights

Automotive brands need fast and precise social insights to build the best products for a global customer base and stay on top of customer feedback. Top automotive brands go to Synthesio for the industry’s fastest, most accurate and deepest consumer insights from the social web with a powerful platform backed by a world-class customer support team. Synthesio also offers industry-leading thought leadership on use cases for social data, helping automotive brands grow their business, gain deep audience insights, prove ROI and make smart decisions on the web.

Global Monitoring for a Global Customer Base

Leading automotive brands sell to customers in dozens — if not hundreds — of countries. That means it’s critical to listen to what customers are saying across many regions and markets, and be able to quickly understand what they are saying and how they feel.

  • Listen in 80 languages and 196 countries, with auto-sentiment in 21 languages
  • Benchmark brand sentiment, share of voice and more against top competitors
  • Identify influential sites, users and content across the web to boost organic buzz
  • Promote hype around new products and services — and the brand itself
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“The quality of the insights they have provided, and the breadth of their global coverage, are excellent.”

David Parkinson, General Manager Social and Digital Engagement
Nissan AMIE

Turn Consumer Feedback into Better Marketing

People have special relationships with their cars, and that means they talk about them online. While this commentary may not always be positive, the right tools can help you process customer feedback and drive smarter decisions in all your departments — which in turn will boost customer satisfaction.

  • Zero in on high-value sites, users and conversations to focus on the most important feedback
  • Spot questions, complaints and feature requests with Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools
  • Identify issues with specific products and models to fuel smarter decisions in key departments
  • Use feedback to fuel new marketing campaigns to address consumer wants and needs
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“With Social Media Analysis tools like Synthesio, we are able to effectively gauge the impact of each digital campaign and track our online reputation.”

Isabelle Cahu-Barnabé, Brand Digital Manager

Connect with Influencers to Drive Organic Brand Buzz

Your brand has advocates, ambassadors and fans all over the web, but you don’t know who they are yet. With Synthesio’s social listening tools, you can find and connect with these people to boost positivity around the brand, drive interest in products and services, and generate revenue.

  • Identify social influencers, ambassadors and fans across all social and mainstream media
  • Assemble communities of brand ambassadors to drive influencers campaigns online and offline
  • Build targeted content based on influencer niches and communities to attract new fans
  • Follow influencer conversations to understand what’s driving positivity around your brand
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The social web holds opportunity for leading automotive brands. Want to see how the best-in-class Social Intelligence platform can help you capitalize?