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Use Social Insights to Power Smart Decisions across the Brand

Provide Better Care with Industry-Leading Social Insights

Pharma and Healthcare brands rely on real-time feedback from consumers to deliver the best products, services, and care. Leading global brands trust Synthesio to deliver the industry’s fastest, most accurate and deepest consumer insights from the social web with a powerful platform backed by a world-class customer support team. Synthesio also offers industry-leading thought leadership on use cases for social data, helping pharma and healthcare brands grow their business, gain deep audience insights, prove ROI and make smart decisions on the web.

Faster & More Insightful Market Research

Pharma and Healthcare brands need to keep tabs on consumer opinions around drugs, services, facilities and other products. Synthesio makes it easy to track sentiment in key markets and demographics with Social Reputation Score™ and a variety of customizable sentiment metrics.

  • Monitor brand satisfaction with Social Reputation Score™ to spot business opportunities
  • Use automated sentiment analysis to spot positive, negative and high-priority conversations
  • Analyze all social media conversations related to the brand and individual products and services
  • Leverage Synthesio’s ROI suite to boost audience growth and satisfaction on key channels
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Address Customer Questions and Needs in Real Time

Many consumers have questions about their health products and services. Answering those questions and resolving concerns effectively is critical to retaining customers and attracting new business. Synthesio helps Pharma and Healthcare brands spot customers in need, route conversations to the right place, and respond with velocity and precision.

  • Zero in on high-value sites, users and conversations to focus on the most important feedback
  • Spot questions, complaints, and requests with Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools
  • Identify issues with specific products and models to fuel smarter decisions in key departments
  • Use feedback to fuel new marketing campaigns to address consumer wants and needs
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Use Community Insights to Reinforce Purchase Behaviors

Pharma and Healthcare brands have influencers, advocates, fans and detractors all across the social web, but you may not know who or where they are yet. With Synthesio’s social listening tools, you can find and connect with these high-value users to boost positivity around the brand, drive organic buzz and reinforce the behaviors that correlate with purchase decisions.

  • Follow influencer conversations to understand what’s driving positivity around your brand
  • Identify social influencers, advocates, fans and detractors across all social and mainstream media
  • Assemble communities of brand ambassadors to drive influencers campaigns online and offline
  • Build targeted content based on influencer niches and communities to attract new fans
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Connect All Your Solutions to Find Deeper Insights

Enterprise Pharma and Healthcare brands rely upon a variety of software solutions to conduct business and deliver to clients. Synthesio is designed to easily connect with your existing software ecosystem and make it easy to pull social data into other tools.

  • Leverage the most open and robust API on the market to connect your systems
  • Connect Synthesio to CRM, Publishing, Marketing Automation software and more
  • Integrate with any 3rd-party or proprietary platform to provide a seamless user experience
  • Utilize out-of-the-box integrations with industry leaders in publishing, CRM and more
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Visualize, Monitor and Share the Information that Matters

Brands in the Pharma and Healthcare industries operate in a high-pressure regulatory environment and need to distribute large quantities of information throughout the organization quickly and efficiently. With Synthesio Beam, brands can now visualize top KPIs in one pane of glass and keep all teams and departments in the know.

  • Monitor brand and product-related mentions, media and content in real time
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with crisis monitoring to spot trends as they develop
  • Benchmark brand share of voice against competitors or the industry as a whole
  • Leverage Synthesio’s industry-leading customer support team to assist with your KPIs
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Drive New Product Innovation with Social Insights

Pharma and Healthcare brands face constant pressures to innovate, develop new products and tackle new health challenges. By listening to customer conversations across the web, brands can identify the top customer’s needs and desires and use those insights to fuel smarter R&D decisions.

  • Track the landscape of consumer opinions around specific drugs, diseases, and products
  • Focus on target countries and languages to develop high-value focus groups on social media
  • Automatically cluster conversations and map them to the patient journey to reveal insights
  • Identify barriers to entry and barriers to purchase in target markets to unlock new revenue
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Learn More about What Synthesio Does for Pharma and Healthcare

The social web holds opportunity for leading Pharma and Healthcare brands. Want to see how the best-in-class social intelligence platform can help you capitalize?