Scale Social across the Enterprise

Workspaces for Enterprise

Coordinate teams across your organization with customizable workspaces. Set up a workspace for each team, department, region or project type. Then build and manage as many dashboards within each workspace as you like. Teammates in different teams and regions can easily work together within the same workspace, or even within the same dashboard. However you want to organize your social listening teams, Synthesio workspaces give you the flexibility to do it.

  • Set up workspaces by team, department, region or project type
  • Build and manage dashboards within each workspace
  • Enable teammates to collaborate across teams and regions

Manage Social Accounts

Manage organization-wide or team-specific social accounts within each workspace. If you have multiple accounts per channel (e.g. two Twitter handles) you can add one or several — and manage them separately. Adding new accounts and removing old ones can be done with a click. Accounts management gives you ultimate flexibility over how and where to integrate your social accounts into listening workspaces.

Add social accounts from:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Salesforce
  • Google Analytics

Comprehensive Permissions

With multiple teams, workspaces, dashboards and social accounts across your organization, managing user access can be difficult. But with our revamped permissions tool, handling user permissions is a breeze. Simply check and uncheck boxes to specify which users have access to which social accounts. When new team members join or leave projects — or move from one workspace to another — it’s easy to adjust their permissions settings accordingly.

Coordinate Team Availability

Having social teams distributed across multiple offices and time zones can make it difficult to coordinate roles, responsibilities and the distribution of labor. But with Synthesio’s convenient availability settings, anyone can see who’s available, who’s out of office and who may be temporarily unreachable — at any time, and in any office. This makes it easy to designate backups for unavailable teammates, make sure that all responsibilities are handled, and ensure that there are no hitches in team processes.

Unlimited Users

No matter how large or distributed your organization is, there is no limit on users. Add a few or add many — the choice is yours. And with separate workspaces, accounts and permissions settings, scaling your social practice to new teams, departments and regions won’t cause any headaches.

Public Dashboards

Share your dashboards with anyone — even if they don’t have a Synthesio user account. Any dashboard can be made public, so you can share it with whoever needs it. The public setting can be toggled on/off at a click, so you can maintain tight control over who can view your dashboards.