Find and distribute social media KPIs to drive smarter business decisions.

Synthesio Beam

Visualize and distribute social media KPIs across your organization in real time. 


Actionable Insights in Real Time

Finding social insights is the first step towards social intelligence. Then insights need to be shared across your organization, intelligently and quickly. Synthesio Beam is a real-time tool that visualizes social media KPIs critical to your brand, such as brand mentions, share of voice, trending topics and more. With these metrics displaying in one pane of glass in real time, you can equip all your teams to make smarter business decisions.

Synthesio Beam Command Center Agency

See How Your Brand Stacks Up

Beam makes it easy to see where your brand stands in the industry. Measure mention volumes in real time to see who is dominating the conversation, generating virality and driving the most buzz. Real-time metrics, timelines and Social Reputation Score™ (SRS) give you powerful new ways to visualize and benchmark your brand’s performance against the competition.


Measure the Impact of Content

Beam gives you new ways to understand how campaigns and content are performing across the web. See how the conversation breaks down across top social networks and which hashtags, URLs and tweets are driving the most buzz. Optimize your campaign content on the fly with real-time feedback from your customers and online audience.


Visualize the Health of Your Brand

Managing brand health is essential to achieving positive results online. Beam makes this easy by giving you a real-time view of how brand properties, channels and topics are performing. Track brand satisfaction and benchmark against yourself, competitors or other products/topics over time to spot trends. Analyze brand strengths and weaknesses to achieve higher ROI from social.


Follow the Conversation in Real Time

Whatever your objectives on social, it’s critical to know what people are saying about your brand as they are saying it. With real-time conversation monitoring in Beam, you can follow the conversation around your brand as it unfolds. View media attached to posts, along with the SynthesioRank (influence) and other social media KPIs to help you find immediate insights. Following the buzz has never been so easy – or so useful.


Customize and Measure

Beam is easy to customize so you can focus on the metrics that matter to you. Monitor top social media KPIs to benchmark your brand, analyze content performance, measure brand health and follow brand conversations in real time.

Setup, Design, Deploy

Beam is a powerful out-of-the-box tool. But our dedicated support and consulting teams will help you with every step of your deployment to ensure you get the insights you need and can adapt to changing markets and consumer needs on the fly.