Measure the Social ROI of Business Efforts

Connect Social ROI to Business Impact

Measure and boost your social ROI with a real-time snapshot of key audience engagement metrics.

Social ROI

Connect Social ROI to Business Impact

Measuring the impact of online activities has always been a challenge — until now. Social ROI is a new suite of metrics to help you measure and boost the impact of your organization’s social activities.

  • Awareness: How far your brand’s messaging could spread
  • Acquisition: The growth of your online community
  • Activation: How successfully you are engaging with your community
  • Satisfaction: How your audience feels about your brand
social media awareness

Awareness. How Far Can My Brand’s Voice be Heard?

Awareness lets you measure how much of your audience is interacting with your brand content. See where your brand is being talked about and where you need to boost visibility.

  • See which of your social channels reaches the largest potential audience
  • Track which topics are reaching the most users on social channels of interest
social user acquisition

Acquisition. Where is My User Base Growing?

Acquisition lets you track where new users are coming from and how they’re discovering your brand. See which of your social channels are expanding or contracting, and at what rate.

  • See where users are coming from
  • Track which segments of your audience are growing or shrinking
  • Measure how your audience breaks down by channel

Activation. How are Users Converting into Advocates?

Activation lets you see how much of your audience is talking positively about your brand, and which individual products and services are garnering the most positivity.

  • Monitor how much of your audience is saying positive things about your brand
  • Track how effective recent campaigns have been at producing advocates
  • See which conversation topics have the most excited and passionate users

Satisfaction. How Does My Audience Feel about My Brand?

Satisfaction lets you track the online reputation of your brand, products and services, and competitors. Understand your brand’s standing in the industry to identify opportunities for innovation and growth.

  • Track the reputation of every business-critical brand, product, service, topic and sub-topic
  • View the share of positive, neutral and negative sentiment per brand/topic