Synthesio Profiler for Audience Insights

Analyze more than 10,000 data categories about your target audiences


Harness the power of Profiler to surface audience insights about your most important customers from the world's largest social networks.

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Audience Insights for Social Intelligence

  • Find the intersection between content that works for your brand and what your target audience is already talking about to deliver better-performing campaigns.
  • Utilize the right channels and deliver content to the right people, at the right place and time, to achieve stronger performance.
  • Fuel your marketing automation programs with deep audience insights to deliver customized messaging.
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Profile your audience from email, web visits, and social media

  • Analyze any target group based on age, location, interests, competitive affinities, and more.
  • Import information from your internal database to collect audience insights from look-a-like matching capabilities.
  • Surface audience insights from your fans, followers, or even the consumers who visit your website.

Pre-built and customizable Persona Templates

  • Leverage audience insights from content marketing personas to create relevant and attractive content for your audience based on their lifestyle and behavior.
  • Deploy media planning personas to ensure you make the right channel choices to deliver relevant messaging to your target audiences.
  • Choose sponsors, partners, and brand ambassadors who will resonate most with your consumers by utilizing the sponsorship/partnership persona.

See how Profiler empowers marketing decision making.