Use Enriched Social Data to Build Actionable Insights

Social Data Infused with Robust Information About Social Audiences

Synthesio’s first step for moving from Social Listening to Social Intelligence is the enrichment of social data. Social mentions are tagged with language, location, and demographic information and then measured for sentiment and social influence. This enriched social data facilitates measurement of customer satisfaction brand advocate impact across segmented audiences. Our clients leverage Synthesio’s enriched data to build influencer panels that granularly analyze the activities of audience members who amplify the reach of online conversations.

Social Data Sentiment


  • Analysis in 21 different languages, driven by natural language processing algorithms and artificial intelligence machine learning
  • Content automatically tagged as positive, negative or neutral with sentiment visualized across both mention stream and dashboard widgets
Social Data Synthesio Rank


  • Proprietary metric used to gauge the influence of websites, users, and individual mentions
  • Filters and widgets make it easy to pinpoint and segment influencers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more
Social Data Demographics


  • Social data on social media users sourced from profiles and enhanced through machine learning includes: age, gender, interests, job and marital/family status
  • Social audience segmentation empowered by granular filters and a time-tested methodology for gauging influencer impact.
Social Data Geography


  • Spot geographical trends and find hot spots of conversation at the country, region, state or city level
  • Segment social audiences speaking over 80+ languages into geographic clusters to uncover location-based insights