Empowering Marketers With Attainable Social KPIs

Social KPIs Built for Business Insights

Data analysis requires a tried-and-true methodology to ensure that conclusions are both reliable and actionable. Synthesio’s Social KPI methodology is built on standards dictated by traditional market research analytics. Qualitative data is processed and displayed in quantitative dashboards with data visualizations customized according to each unique business case. Each KPI is designed to give simple insight into the business problems addressed with Social Intelligence.

Share of Voice (SOV)

See how much conversation your brand is driving. Share of Voice (SOV) indicates the relative popularity (or buzz) of each conversation topic or subtopic by showing the relative size of each mention in a quantitative manner. SOV provides a clear understanding of a brand or product’s place in the competitive landscape.

Social KPIs Reach


Understand how far and wide content is reaching. Reach measures the amplification power of a given post or user. This provides insight into the impact generated by any account, profile or message.

Social KPIs SRS

Social Reputation Score (SRS)

Understand how your consumers feel. Social Reputation Score (SRS) measures customer experience and predicts business growth based on upward trends in overall social health. Each brand or product’s SRS is based on the influence metric SynthesioRank and overall sentiment generated within the dataset.

Social KPIs Earned Media Value

Earned Media Value (EMV)

Measure the importance of earned content. Earned Media Value (EMV) provides insight into the monetary value of organic social media posts. It provides an estimate of the value of buzz created by social media users voluntarily or in response to brand promotions.