Social Listening Dashboards

Understand Your Consumer

You need to move fast and be confident in where you are going. Our Social Listening dashboards help you achieve both by uniting the speed of social with the trust of market research methodologies.

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Track real-time conversations around the world with our industry-leading technology and data coverage.

Unparalleled Data Quality & Quantity

Keep pace with the enduring shifts in consumer conversation surrounding your brand:

  • Don’t miss out on what your consumers are saying, doing, and thinking – Synthesio’s data types include social-declarative data, digital-behavioral data, and digital surveys.
  • Cleaner data means better decision-making – First-of-its-kind Noise Reducer automatically removes irrelevant mentions from your data-set, directing you to genuine consumer expressions. Make decisions you can trust.
  • Capture the full voice of your consumer – Unique sourcing model offers a scalable way for you to go beyond your owned channels and capture more of the organic conversation.
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Science-Led: Trend Detection Powered by Market Research Frameworks

An innovation from Synthesio & Ipsos — AI-powered trend detection that unites the speed of social listening with the rigor of market research. Unlike others, Signals goes beyond data spikes, alerting you to statistically relevant shifts in conversation, co-mentions of topics, daily posting patterns, trending images, and more.

  • Seize Market Opportunities – Identify white space opportunities before your competitors do.
  • Keep pace with your consumers – Automated insights alert you to emerging conversation topics across your consumer-base.
  • Create authentic campaigns that resonate with your audience – Discover and assess user-generated content that drives engagement.
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Understand the Stories Behind Your Data With BI-Styled Reporting

Taking the best-of Business Intelligence (BI) tools, and the best-of Social Media Intelligence, you now have a faster path-to-insights with the new Synthesio reporting experience.

  • Discover and investigate – Create custom visualizations to answer your toughest questions.
  • Identify what is working – Apply our proprietary KPI frameworks to your visualization of choice and track the business value behind your social activities.
  • Establish a data-driven culture – Share Reports across your organization and ensure that consumer data is at the forefront of your decision-making.
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