3 Airlines Taking Off On Social Media


3 Airlines Taking Off On Social Media

airplanes-work-1Social media has provided customers with a magnified voice that can have a huge impact on an airline’s reputation – but responding to customers and negative experiences quickly and efficiently can turn a bad situation into a winning customer experience.

In the last few years, some smart airlines have been leading the way in leveraging social media to create a community around their brands, provide first-class customer service, and create widespread brand awareness with some truly amazing and innovative social media marketing initiatives.

Virgin America – Be Your Community’s Concierge

Planning for a vacation can be very difficult. There’s so much to plan – where to go, where to eat, where to stay, how to get there – social media gives airlines the tools to develop creative ways to help tourists plan their vacation. Inspire, engage and add value for your customers and community by providing them with useful insider travel information and a holistic overview of the destination – this will put your brand front of mind, position you as a thought leader in the industry, and give you an edge on the competition.

Virgin Atlantic’s award winning travel website vtravelled.com links travellers around the world through an online community. It uses a special recommendations service to suggest site content from similar users, to provide helpful and relevant travel information tailored to each community member. The site includes real time updates on the top 50 events happening in the destination a traveller is visiting


American Airlines – Listen to Your Community’s Travel Experiences

People are constantly sharing their experiences from your airline – so you need to be listening in order to be aware and ready to chime in with help. Chances are you’ve seen frustrated tweets or facebook updates in your network, complaining about the delay of a flight – the airlines that respond to these complaints with helpful information are regarded highly throughout social media. By listening for these conversations and helping in real-time – you will turn a negative situation into a winning customer experience, and develop strong, lifelong relationships with your customers – some will even become active advocates for your organization throughout the social space and beyond.

American Airlines not only informs and responds to customer questions on Twitter, but does so in a sincere and human approach.


United Airlines – Offer your Online Community Special Deals

Airlines can build brand awareness and reward their loyal fans by using social media to offer special promotions and deals to their online community. Discount codes on Twitter or Facebook are shared widely and can also drive ticket sales.

United Airlines are one of the first of the US  airlines to actively engage with their passengers on social media, and they’ve been growing their following and keeping their community’s attention by posting exclusive limited time deals on their social media channels. United Airlines frequently offers twares, Twitter-only airfare specials, which are often a fraction of the usual airline ticket prices. Just recently, the airline announced that they are launching an engaging new campaign, 30 Days of Friendly Giveaway. Customers who follow @united through Oct. 26, 2013 may enter for chances to win prizes including round trip tickets. The airline will post daily announcements on its Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels to encourage friends and followers to visit @united and engage.


Has  an airline recently wowed you with their  social media strategy? Tell us in the comments!

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