Peugeot Lends a Digital Ear to the World with Social Listening


Peugeot Lends a Digital Ear to the World with Social Listening

Check out our new interview on social listening strategy with Isabelle Cahu-Barnabe, Digital Brand Manager and Anthony Roux, Social Media Manager from Peugeot’s social media team.

The Objectives

Peugeot had several objectives in implementing social listening into their communications strategy:

  • Measure Peugeot’s online reputation, especially on sensitive topics for the brand.
  • Gauge the impact of digital campaigns (for example, the release of new Peugeot cars).
  • Identify key influencers for Peugeot and the websites where they are mentioning the brand or their products.
  • Identify key opportunities and weak signals around both priority topics and subtopics.


The Solution

Synthesio has implemented several tools for Peugeot to effectively carry out their strategy:

  •  A daily alert sent to several departments in the company (Communications, Marketing and Advertising and Management), also available on smartphone.
  • A panel of E-reputation monitoring on all Peugeot models and competitors in five countries.
  • Dashboards dedicated to specific events such as the Geneva Motor Show.


The Results

With Synthesio, Peugeot was able to identify their main ambassadors on social media as well as the most influential sources in the auto industry. With this intelligence gleaned from social listening, the brand has brought together a community of bloggers and brand ambassadors for influencer campaigns online and offline.

With Synthesio’s help, Peugeot created a listening dashboard just before a TV show about diesel engines and the Automotive Industry. This helped Peugeot’s team follow the on-topic conversations across Social Media channels and engage with the community in real-time. Participants appreciated the responsiveness of Peugeot and their willingness to engage in a dialogue around the subject.

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