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Segment influencers, benchmark campaign performance and measure ROI with Social Intelligence

Cosmetics marketers have long relied on traditional channels like print ads, television, and point-of-sale marketing strategies. The emergence of social media as a driving force behind market acceptance of products and brands has forced cosmetics marketers to shift their attention to actionable quantitative and qualitative data. Synthesio concentrates on the conversations that matter most to beauty brands by eliminating routine chatter – making it easier to spot trends and generate insights.

Cosmetics Influencers Social Listening

Drive Organic Brand Buzz with Influencer Marketing

Cosmetics brands have social influencers and ambassadors all over the web. With Synthesio’s social listening tools, you can find and connect with these high-value users to boost positivity around the brand, drive buzz, and attract new fans.

  • Identify brand influencers and advocates to boost organic conversation volumes around the brand
  • See which online communities are the most passionate about your brand and products
  • Assemble communities of brand ambassadors to drive influencer campaigns online and offline
  • Build targeted content based on influencer niches and communities to attract new fans
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Cosmetics Word Cloud Social Listening

Apply Insights to Online and In-Store Sales Strategies

Cosmetics brands rely upon delivering the best products and experiences to drive revenue. Following and analyzing social conversations can give brands a leg up on consumers likes, wants and needs. This information can then be fed into online and retail strategies to drive higher revenues and satisfaction.

  • Use feedback from consumers to fuel smarter decisions in your online and physical storefronts
  • Analyze campaign feedback in real time to see how brand messaging is resonating with consumers
  • Understand where brand perception is strong and what factors are driving the positivity
  • Invest in campaigns, sales strategies, and sponsorships that reinforce the brand’s core identity
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Synthesio Social Listening Cosmetics Demographics

Understand What Customers Are Buying and Why

With Synthesio’s advanced social media monitoring and analytics tools, Cosmetics brands can get to the root of consumer sentiment, preferences and behaviors to identify which beauty products are garnering the most positive buzz, driving the most revenue, and why.

  • Analyze preferences, attitudes, and sentiment that are driving purchase behaviors
  • Track consumer feedback on specific products, services, and product lines
  • Filter conversations by country, language or media type to focus your research
  • Monitor brand reputation with the proprietary Social Reputation Score™ metric
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