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Capitalize on Social Intelligence

Custom Sourcing

Our platform covers more than 600 million sites around the world, serving most of the needs of our customers. However, sometimes you need new or additional sources covered — and we facilitate that. We ensure that the most relevant sites, blogs, forums, etc. (social and mainstream media) are covered for each brand, industry, and country you want to monitor — and we’ll include and remove sources at your request.


Receive full access to our team of account managers and analysts for training on our products and services, as well as best practices consultation. To enable you to get the most out of your global listening projects, our team will provide full technical support as well as assistance with Boolean writing, market insight, ongoing product training and more.

Premium Data Quality

With automated sentiment analysis in 18 languages — as well as noise removal, automated topic classification and advanced Boolean operators — we provide our clients with industry-leading data quality and insights. No matter where the conversation is happening, you won’t miss a thing.

Custom Setup

We set up your custom dashboard(s) to meet your specifications, including UI design themes and logos, relevant KPIs and visual widgets with full exporting capabilities to help spice up your presentations. We also write optimal keywords and queries around your brand for each target country to ensure that your data is precise and useful.

  • Self Service: You gain access to our robust social listening tool and build your own custom listening dashboards with our world-class user experience.
  • Guided: We’ll get your listening dashboards up and running, and you can keep them up-to-date as your needs and social trends evolve.
  • Full Service: Just keep an eye on the KPIs in your dashboards, and we’ll manage everything behind the scenes from sourcing to queries to data quality.

Expert Services

Our team of experts is available at all points in your journey. We are available on demand or for a set number of hours per month to continue your enablement process, manage your solution for you and manually improve the level of data quality for your particular needs. Our team is here to support you throughout your Synthesio journey providing both technical and market-specific expertise.

  • Expert Access: Enablement & Configuration Support post-onboarding
  • Managed: We handle the configuration and dashboard maintenance for you
  • Data QA: Manual Review of Relevance and Sentiment Analysis