Social Media Marketing

Plan and Measure Accurately


Leverage the Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite to drive smart marketing decisions across all vital use cases.

social media marketing planning

Content and Media Planning

  • Make online/offline media decisions based on the interests and affinities of any audience in any country.
  • Discover each audience’s preference for periodicals, television channels, radio stations, and social networks.
  • Find the right content specific for your customers and back-up your delivery decisions with real data.
social media marketing laptop

Campaign Analysis

  • Collect interaction metrics with Synthesio Plus to get a cohesive picture of virality of each post and campaign.
  • Gauge the worth of organic activity by analyzing the media value specific to your campaign topics and subtopics.
  • Measure the true resonance of your campaign content with an ER KPI powered by both organic mentions and earned interactions.
social media marketing sponsors partners

Sponsors and Partners

  • Discover the affinity of your audience with other brands to make smart partnership decisions.
  • Invest sponsorship dollars in the festivals and sports events that your audience prefers.
  • Choose the right celebrity ambassadors for a product or campaign.