Synthesio 3.0

Upgrade to Advanced Social Data

Faster. Smarter. More Productive.

Synthesio 3.0 is our most ambitious release to date. You can now work with your data more quickly – and in more interactive ways – than ever before. Dynamic widgets and filters let you slice and dice to focus on what’s relevant. New alerts, content tools and reports let you deliver insights to the right people at the right time. Expanded backdata and sources let you see the full picture around your brand. Social intelligence is taking a huge step forward, and that means your business is too.

Faster, Smarter UI

Work with your data more quickly, and in more interactive ways. Use dynamic widgets and filters to slice and dice into your data.

Deeper Searches

With deeper, faster backdata and new Wildcard operators, piece together the conversation to find powerful insights around your brand.

Content Measurement

New metrics dedicated to retweets, hashtags and URLs let you measure campaigns and reach to see how content is performing online.

Brand Health Tools

New sentiment tools, including interactive timelines, let you track social reputation over time across multiple brands, topics and subtopics.


An Evolution in Intelligence

Synthesio 3.0 brings huge enhancements to the speed, performance and design of the platform. New dynamic widgets, and new ways to work with your widgets. Filters that have been rebuilt from scratch to let you take control of your data. Brand new ways to visualize, manage, merge and export your data – and make sure that it gets to the right place at the right time. Stronger insights in less time means higher productivity for you and your business.


Speed + Brains = Productivity

Synthesio 3.0 is more than just a set of refinements. We reimagined the core foundations of the platform and methodically rebuilt them to be faster, smarter and more efficient. Finding useful insights takes less work. Getting information to the right people takes less time. And working with your data is simple, beautiful and fun. This means you can do more with your data, and watch your data do more for you.

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Real-Time Data, Faster Insights

With our new dynamic widgets and filters, manage your data more efficiently and find insights faster.

  • One-click, drag-and-drop reporting for real-time status updates to project and business stakeholders
  • Top URLs for identifying content that is fueling trends and crises
  • Saved filters to manage and monitor recurring trends
  • All-new SRS evolution charts to track social reputation and compare multiple brands and topics

Richer, More Complex Searches

With deeper, faster backdata and new Wildcard operators to track keyword variations, you can piece together the conversation to find powerful insights around your brand and industry.

  • New filters and display options let you perform deeper research and manage topics, subtopics and data with greater ease
  • Find stronger insights into your brand, industry and customers in less time
  • Saved searches and filters let you take a microscope to the data to track historical patterns and spot trends before they develop

Understand How Content is Performing

With new metrics dedicated to tracking top retweets, hashtags and URLs, you can now measure campaigns, brand virality, reach and more to understand how your content is performing online.

  • Use expanded backdata to do deeper research into historical data and compare campaign performance over time
  • Use revamped filters to slice and dice into campaign data in real time
  • Track content performance (e.g. top retweeted tweets, hashtags) to understand how your content is faring
  • Build sleek drag-and-drop reports and distribute them to key stakeholders in real time
Social Media Listening

Take Control of Brand Health

New sentiment tools, including stacked charts, let you easily compare social reputation across multiple brand, topics and subtopics in your dashboard.

  • Benchmark brand health against competitors with new stacked sentiment charts
  • However over timelines to view the evolution in sentiment around each topic and subtopics
  • Leverage the new SRS Timeline to assess customer satisfaction changes over time

Simple, Stunning Reports

Reporting on your brand’s online performance is critical to keeping your organization synchronized. With our all-new reporting features, building reports is simpler and more effective than ever before — so you can keep key parties informed of events, developments and trends affecting the brand.

  • Pull widgets and metrics from your dashboards to build simple, elegant reports
  • Modify filters, date range and more on each widget to highlight the most important data slices
  • Adjust the sequence of widgets in your reports to tell a compelling story
  • Add text, images and brand collateral to your reports for deep customization

How to Upgrade

Upgrade to Synthesio 3.0 for new features, faster performance and a redesigned user interface. It’s automatic and free for all existing customers.