Why Choose Synthesio for Social Insights

Social insights help companies understand customers and boost returns from online activities

Choose the Industry Leader in Social Insights

We fuel the world’s leading brands and agencies with the social insights they need to improve communications, nurture customers and make great products. With Synthesio, our clients can focus on the people and conversations that matter, track online reputation, measure the ROI of social activities, and manage consumer relationships in one seamless platform.

Global is in Our DNA

Synthesio lets you follow and analyze online conversations on 100,000 websites in 190 countries and 80 languages. No matter where in the world people are talking about your brand, Synthesio can help you find the conversations that matter to your business.


  • 100,000 sites
  • 190 countries
  • 80 languages
  • ASA support in 21 languages
  • Only vendor to provide Arabic and WeChat


  • Write queries in different languages to monitor activity around the world
  • Filter dashboards and widgets by language, region or country
  • Translate mentions in a click with built-in Google Translate
  • Access 24/7 global customer success team to ensure queries and dashboards are configured properly
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Tap into Every Site That Matters

Our dedicated in-house sourcing team lets Synthesio quickly add any non-crawled websites to your dashboards, so you never miss what’s important to you. This cuts out the middle man and lets Synthesio directly source your data. Many vendors will tell you they offer the most sources — but more sources don’t necessarily mean better sources. Our sourcing team ensures we have the highest-quality data in the industry.

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Powerful Language Analytics

Synthesio has custom-built natural language processing (NLP) and automatic sentiment (ASA) algorithms to help you quickly identify trends in your data. NLP enables topic and trend detection in your datasets, while ASA (which covers 21 languages) helps you measure sentiment and brand health. By utilizing the dedicated NLP team along with machine learning, you get continuously stronger automated insights.


  • Customer-specific sentiment models
  • Machine learning combined with manual data tagging
  • ASA support in 21 languages
  • 20% margin of error for sentiment out of the box


  • Native, custom-built auto-sentiment analysis in 21 languages
  • Machine learning and manual tagging of mentions to boost precision
  • Automatic topic and trend detection, e.g. word clouds, insight tree

What is ASA?

Automated Sentiment Analysis (ASA) identifies the tone of online conversations and automatically tags them as positive, negative or neutral. This lets you quickly extract insights from what customers are saying. Synthesio has a dedicated team that continuously optimizes ASA to ensure customers get full and accurate results. Automatic sentiment is never delivered perfectly. Synthesio offers 65-70% accuracy out of the box, and our CS team can push it to 80%.

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Industry-Leading API & Ecosystem

Synthesio is the most open product on the market, and can be integrated with virtually any external solution – including CRM, marketing automation, publishing, etc. Synthesio’s easy-to-use API lets you pull and manipulate data in any format you desire.


  • Easy-to-use API
  • Out-of-the-box integrations
  • Strategic partnerships with industry leaders
  • Use our ROI metrics to track the impact of your activities within our ecosystem, e.g. publishing, marketing automation, etc.


  • Most robust, flexible and easy-to-use API on the market
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with industry leaders
  • Pull and manipulate Synthesio data in any manner you desire
  • Customers can integrate Synthesio with tools they are already using

Manage Data Your Way

Synthesio customers get Synthesio data coupled with industry-leading solutions out of the box and at no extra cost. Additionally, Synthesio helps customers integrate other solutions they may already be using so that data flows smoothly and in the preferred manner.

Synthesio’s top-of-the-line listening tool is the hub of the industry’s leading data ecosystem.

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Measure Return on Impact

Synthesio’s ROI suite lets customers measure the return on impact of their social activities. A variety of tools are provided allowing customers to measure success based on such criteria as reach, acquisition, activation and satisfaction. By utilizing data in conjunction with data from ecosystem partners, we can help customers measure true ROI.


  • Out-of-the-box integrations
  • Strategic partnerships with industry leaders


  • Proprietary algorithms designed by Synthesio to measure impact
  • Robust API to connect Synthesio with other systems and vendors for a complete picture of ROI
  • Dedicated widgets serving up business-facing metrics to measure ROI across use cases

What is Social ROI?

With the resources your organization invests in social, it’s important to know how, where and why your investments are driving returns. Measuring the impact of online activities has always been a challenge — until now. Social ROI is a suite of metrics that helps you measure and amplify the impact of your organization’s social activities. Keep tabs on what’s working — and what’s not — so you can target your content and boost appreciation for your brand.

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Business Impact Metrics

Synthesio’s suite of business-facing ROI metrics lets customers track the impact of their online activities. With metrics dedicated to Awareness, Acquisition, Activation and Satisfaction, customers can understand audience behaviors and how activities/investments on social are translating into results.


  • Track reach and impressions with regards to owned content as well as competitor content
  • Understand how activities are translating into results
  • Optimize the brand’s social budget


  • Understand which social activities are driving brand growth
  • Track key audience metrics and behaviors
  • Optimize the brand’s social budget by analyzing positive and negative results
  • Identify new campaign, marketing and business opportunities
  • Keep an eye on the competition and see what is working for them


Measure Social Impact

Synthesio’s ROI metrics let customers measure and boost the impact of social activities with real-time tracking of audience engagement and behaviors.

Customers can understand how far brand voice and campaigns are reaching, where the brand’s audience is growing/shrinking, how successfully the brand is engaging with the community, and how the online audience feels about the brand.

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Your Very Own Customer Success Team

Synthesio’s Global Customer Success Team is available 24/7 to help you manage your technology, optimize your configurations and offer consultative best practices around social intelligence. Synthesio offers a tailored customer success plan for each client to ensure productivity and success on project and business objectives.


  • Customized onboarding plans to ensure successful deployment and ongoing use
  • Ongoing managed services, support and insights (intelligence) consulting
  • Individualized support and roadmapping
  • Custom sourcing and enablement
  • 24/7 global expert services


  • Dedicated 24/7 global teams to serve all customer needs
  • Custom roadmapping and success plans for each customer
  • Individualized onboarding, training and consulting based on customer objectives
  • Social intelligence consulting to help customers scale the social practice across the organization

Partnering for Success

Synthesio gives customers a dedicated support and consulting team to train on best practices, optimize the configuration of dashboards and integrations, and offer consulting around how to boost social intelligence with the customer organization.

Customer success teams and personnel are available around the clock to offer individualized support, training, consulting and managed services.

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