Audience Analysis with Profiler

Unlock your consumers’ Digital Body Language.

What’s digital body language?
Your consumers like and follow more than they post and comment.
Profiler is the only platform to take audience analysis beyond what consumers say by analyzing their interests and behavioral data.

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Powerful Audience Analysis feeds:


Overall Marketing Strategies

Brand and Product Positioning and Messaging


Day to Day Marketing Operations

Content Creation

Media Planning


Understand your audience’s interests to craft brand and product messaging that lands.


Generate in-depth reports with our audience analysis tool to boost your day to day marketing operations.


Leverage a powerful audience analysis tool to create content meaningful to the people consuming it:

  • Build a complete content strategy and create the perfect story for your audience.
  • Understand what verbal and visual messages appeal to your consumers.
  • Discover unexpected affinities and trigger out-of-the-box ideas to produce innovative content

Use the right channels to reach the right people.

  • Choose the right online and offline media channels to deliver the right messages to your audiences.
  • Uncover the media preferences of any audience in any country.
  • Launch campaigns on the social channels your audience is most active on.

Work with the people and organizations that will do the most for your brand:

  • Make smart budget decisions by sponsoring events your audiences have the most interest in.
  • Discover what organizations your audience loves to make smart partnership decisions.
  • Choose the right influencers for your audience and your brand.

“With Profiler, we got to know the (social) media preferences of our audiences. We then decided to invest more of our budget on these channels and have improved the performance of our campaigns by 40%”

VP, Marketing, Health and Beauty Customer