Synthesio se développe rapidement et nous recherchons des rockstars pour mener la société au niveau supérieur. Nous avons une culture unique avec une vision mondiale, une appréciation pour la simplicité et le sens du divertissement. Nous comprenons qu’une entreprise prospère est dirigée par une équipe collaborative qui aime travailler ensemble et comprend que notre logiciel vise à contribuer au succès du client.

Si vous êtes passionnés par la technologie sociale et les clients satisfaits, veuillez découvrir nos possibilités de carrière ci-dessous.


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  • Déjeuners servis*

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*Les avantages varient en fonction de l’emplacement du bureau

« I really love the last few days of the quarter. There’s high energy and everyone is hitting the phones and trying to meet their goals. »

Alex W, Social Partnerships Development in London

« It’s fun and fast-paced. At the end of the day, no one takes themselves too seriously, but at the same time, everybody takes their job seriously. »

Amer E, Sr. Client Success Manager in New York

« Synthesio is dynamic. There aren’t a lot of layers, and the company trusts the employees with their responsibilities, and gives them the freedom to do their best work. »

Celia B, Account Executive in Singapore

« The fact that you can just get up and talk to Marketing or lean over and talk to Sales is really great. We work closely with one another to share ideas, learn from each other, and deliver a great customer experience. »

Genevieve F, Client Services Manager in New York

« Synthesio is diverse. A good example is our most recent ‘Field Day.’ It got people from all different departments together and we had a great time. »

Joe M, Operations Team Lead in New York

« I really love our industry. Something is always changing and important for the future. We’re excited to keep developing our products and innovate. »

Jun S, Solutions Engineer in Singapore

« Some of my favorite days at Synthesio are when out-of-towners visit. We meet with them, take them out, have a great time, and get to hang out with people that we don’t get to see every day. »

Liz M, Busines Operations Manager in New York

« We have a great culture. It’s people who love what they do, believe in what they do, and have a great time doing it. We have a lot of respect and appreciation for everybody. »

Ryan M, Account Executive in New York

« There is a structure for business process – you know what’s happening and where. But it’s informal. You are not walking into the office with a cloud above you. You just aren’t. »

Shaza K, Global Projects Manager in London

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