Introducing BI-style reporting for Social Media Intelligence.

Taking the best-of Business Intelligence (BI) tools, and the best-of Social Media Intelligence, you now have a faster path-to-insights with the new Synthesio reporting experience. Now, you don’t need to be an expert to get expert reporting.

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Our re-thought platform offers the deepest analytics on the market.


Slice-and-dice your data any way you want.

With our new widget builder, you’ll never be constrained in what combinations of metrics you’d like to investigate. Create a widget using whatever dimensions work best to answer the tough business questions you have.

Dive deeper into any widget.

Each widget you build is supplemented by an auto-generated contextual report, giving you the full picture. Going from widgets to insights has never been easier.

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Visualize the data your way.

In the new Synthesio experience, we are excited to offer many new chart types. Now you can visualize your data in the way that’s most intuitive for you.

Share with colleagues.

Easily export entire reports or individual widgets to enhance collaboration and reporting across your organization.


User Experience

Customize any part of your dashboard — easily.


Filter in a flash.

With a powerful new filtering system, clearly displayed at the top of each page you’re working on, it’s easy to know exactly what segment of data you’re looking at.

Edit your work in the same place you get it done.

Now, you never have to leave the page you’re looking at to adjust it. Edit any widget, section or layout, directly where you’re viewing them.


Drag, drop, and resize.

Drag, drop, or resize any element of your dashboard with one click. Creating beautiful and logically flowing reports has never been easier.

Name anything.

Name each widget, page section, and page whatever you want, helping you stay organized and making sharing your analysis easier than ever.


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