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Disruptive pressures are changing consumer preferences and behaviors in nearly all sectors. To keep up with consumers and stay ahead of competitors, brands need more than just access to data: they need actionable insights. Ipsos Synthesio’s suite of Syndicated Solutions delivers industry deep-dive reports and access to a market-leading consumer intelligence platform. ​

Meet Consumer Pulse

Ipsos Synthesio’s Consumer Pulse gives you industry insights at your fingertips. Strategic insight reports dive into the latest trends, emerging behaviors, and hot topics. Plus, access to real-time Dashboards help you go beyond social listening to explore behavioral, social, search, and survey data related to your category. 

The latest research findings delivered quarterly by Ipsos industry experts

Real-time access to a consumer intelligence platform with industry-specific reporting

No industry has the same challenges, so why use the same solution?

Solving industry challenges requires the right data and the right expertise. But it can be time consuming and costly for brands. ​

Our syndicated research is conducted by Ipsos Synthesio experts, combining Ipsos survey data with search and social data from the Synthesio platform to curate leading-edge analysis for clients. Access to a pre-built tool provides all the benefits a consumer intelligence platform, without the cost and effort of customization.

Identify brand growth opportunities and trends before your competitors

Our Syndicated Solutions use the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and Ipsos’ proven frameworks to detect trends and innovation whitespaces in your category.

Understand what matters to your audience – and how they behave

Social data holds the key to understanding who your consumers really are. Go beyond noisy data to understand your audience’s preferences, opinions, and behaviors.

Consumer Pulse by industry

Energy & Utilities

As climate change and sustainability remain top of mind for consumers, energy companies face more pressure than ever. Understand your brand perception, emerging consumer needs, and the latest ESG trends.

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Retail Banking

Inflation and the rising cost of living are impacting global consumers. Understand what drives trust in the retail banking sector and how consumer behaviors are evolving to adapt to new industry challenges like fraud and cybercrime.

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Fanzone provides a compass for brands in the new sports landscape. Understand the impact of emerging sports and esports and identify opportunities for your brand to engage new audiences.

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New Energy Vehicles (NEV)

Global trends in sustainability and climate consciousness have shone a spotlight on NEVs. Get a real-time look at online perceptions, purchase motivations and barriers, and unmet consumer needs.

NEV Header
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