Say goodbye to guesswork and uncover the power of influencer marketing campaigns that make waves for your brand.

Know who controls the conversation.

Identify the loudest voice in the online spaces you care about. Harness the power of Social Listening Dashboards and become the leader in your industry by:

  • Branching into new audiences through established fan bases
  • Incorporating effective influencer marketing campaigns and brand messaging into your strategy
  • Understanding a full profile of the people connecting with your brand

Never miss opportunities to boost brand awareness.

Know when the time is right to launch a new campaign with a familiar face. Get the most out of your influencer marketing efforts by:

  • Aligning your brand with an advocate who will boost brand awareness
  • Keeping track of campaigns and getting real metrics of proven results
  • Understanding your audience and adjusting strategies in messaging and platform placement in real-time

Test and validate theories with data.

Measure the success of social media posts in real-time. Eliminate guesswork in final results and metrics by:

  • Getting the data on hard-to-measure customer response and sentiment
  • Doing away with the usual ambiguity in influencer marketing reporting techniques
  • Quantifying the ROI of your brand’s messaging and positioning initiatives

Gain confidence in your brand’s champions.

Looking to measure the Social ROI of your brand influencer’s content?

  • Our Use Case Story follows the story of how the world’s most popular action camera company optimized their influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Discover how data transformed the company’s social strategy and helped them break into new markets.
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