Protect your brand equity by monitoring the pulse of your consumers with the Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite.

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Crisis Monitoring

  • Track fluctuations in sentiment in any location or language to catch negative situations before they escalate.
  • Surface targeted keywords in qualitative mentions to proactively respond to adverse events.
  • Measure success of crisis control activities by monitoring customer response and it’s impact on overall brand health.


  • Generate alerts based on conversation volume spikes to respond to irregular social media public relations activities.
  • Designate specific events to trigger alerts to key departments, teams or personnel.
  • Route specific subsets of content through alerts to stakeholders in your organization.

Visual Listening

  • Detect outdated or unauthorized usage of legacy logos to protect your brand equity.
  • Gauge the complete value of your sponsorship investment by identifying and measuring the associated engagement with your brand logo in visuals.
  • Protect your reputation by surfacing usage of your logos in conjunction with imagery that might have a negative impact on overall brand health.