Go from hunches and intuition to data-backed decisions you can trust.  Understand your target audience and create compelling campaigns by harnessing the power of social-based audience analysis.

Know your audience.

Identify the interests and behaviors of your target audience:

  • Personalize your content by surfacing your audience’s over-represented interests
  • Find white space opportunities by tapping into previously unknown or under-utilized topics and trends
  • Engage your most passionate consumers by identifying niche markets that your competitors are not targeting
  • Amplify your brand-voice by collaborating with key Influencers

Craft the right message.

Get a holistic view of consumers that matter to you by using Synthesio’s audience analysis solution, Profiler:

  • Personalize your content by surfacing your audience’s over-represented interests
  • Optimize your campaigns by finding and communicating across your consumers’ preferred channels
  • Harness the power of viral content by identifying emerging trends

Analyze and act upon consumer behaviors.

Synthesio makes it easy to evaluate audiences and their unique needs:

  • Understand the demographics of your target audience
  • Boost your visibility by understanding their social media behavior and favorite channels
  • Quantify the return on investment of new audience campaigns

Join others who are harnessing social-based audience analysis.

Need more proof that audience analysis makes a splash?

  • Download our Use Case Story following a global energy drink company’s  journey to understand their consumers
  • Uncover the power of knowing your audience’s unique interests
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