With Market Research inspired trend analysis, we reveal meaningful shifts in consumer thinking so you can craft innovative products and content that resonate deeply with your audiences.

Use the latest trends to inform product development and design.

Keep your finger on the pulse of consumer thinking and develop products that meet the needs of your target audience.

  • Stay ahead of the curve by anticipating trends before they go mainstream
  • Design products and services that catch your audience’s attention in a timely manner
  • Create compelling content that reflects the genuine voice of your customer and establish yourself as a leader

Craft a narrative that stands apart from the competition.

Identify how competitors are hopping on the bandwagon using trends and keywords that surface in online conversation.

  • Harness advanced trend analysis software to discover how your industry responds to new ideas
  • Differentiate your brand voice with content that reflects how your consumers learn and communicate
  • Position your brand uniquely by knowing the conversations drivers surrounding your products and your competition’s

Monitor how consumer interest evolves over time.

Trend analysis makes it easy to identify and follow shifts in online interest over time for your brand and your industry.

  • Stay aware of changes in the needs of your consumers to foster an adaptable brand identity
  • Understand how your customers use your brand to meet their needs
  • Track the success in real-time of your campaigns and new ventures

Experience how a global brand put trend analysis into action.

Download our Trend Detection Use Case Story to discover how a global meat processing company was able to adapt to the newest trends in plant-based meat alternatives thanks to advanced trend analysis software. The brand was able to:

  • Pivot their marketing strategy to cater to changing consumer interests
  • Begin developing a meat-free product of their own to compete in the market
  • Understand how their products were faring compared to competitors on the scene
Download Use Case Story