Social listening tools and audience insights for education, government, and nonprofit organizations.

Social Media in Higher Education

The target audience for higher education is hyper-social. Between posting on Instagram and sharing status updates on Facebook, students spend a lot of time on social media. Universities know that social media is vital to reach students and prospective students efficiently; however, most universities and colleges struggle to truly understand and reach their target audience. A Social Listening Platform and audience insights tool can help universities:

  • Find prospective students and influencers at the right time in the evaluation process
  • Monitor social media feedback from current students from a single location
  • Listen to what alumni are talking about, turn them into advocates, and uncover donation opportunities

Government Social Media

Governments have embraced the benefits of social media for sharing content; however, only some government entities are moving beyond using social media as an outbound “push” tool, and beginning to “listen.” Social media listening provides raw, unfiltered feedback to give governments a more realistic view of how programs are performing. Use cases include:

  • Listen for mentions, hashtags, and keywords related to a campaign, and automatically detect sentiment as positive or negative
  • Perform audience analysis to learn about and analyze the target audience within a community
  • Stay on top of any crisis, and manage reputation, by setting real-time alerts based on spikes in social data

Social Media For Nonprofits

Social media has presented nonprofits with a unique opportunity to seek out and connect with supporters, create awareness around fundraising campaigns, and more. Nonprofits around the world are doing amazing things for noble and important causes, and are using Synthesio to:

  • Identify donors, build relationships, and understand why people are donating in real-time
  • Find volunteers and supporters who are talking about your organization on social networks
  • Discover influencers with an engaged following, who will have a large impact on your organization