Strategic Insights Reports

From Data to Impact

Today’s businesses crave on-demand insights. With our team of 300 experts guiding you, learn to harness the power of social and start making consumer-centric decisions.

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Dedicated insight solutions address your toughest questions and surface actionable recommendations.

Market Explorer

Comprehensive landscape mapping of motivations, attitudes, needs, and habits that drive consumer behaviors, preferences, and decisions in your category.

Innovation Spaces

Uncover new innovation spaces and unlock future growth territories from emerging unmet consumer needs and lead user innovations.

 Trend Radar

A consumer-led trend approach designed to deliver critical insights on change drivers and foresight the future impact of macro and micro trends in your category.

Brand Sonar

Authentic and context-rich brand and campaign performance insights designed to surface critical emotions, brand experiences, and distinctive brand associations.

Product Intelligence

Unlock your full potential with in-context product performance insights and the critical satisfaction driving product features from unfiltered consumer reviews.

Digital Personas

A new era of audience insights on lifestyle patterns, interests, digital touchpoints or media habits through a unique behavioral and conversational data ecosystem.

Partnerships with leading institutions – MIT and Columbia. ESOMAR awarded credentials.

With Strategic Insights Reports, our teams answer your most pressing questions, from understanding consumer behavior changes to clarifying which innovations will help you win the future.

We are Science-based, enjoying partnerships with leading institutions such as Columbia and MIT, and employing next-generation AI and award-winning analytical frameworks (ESOMAR Fusion Smart Data Award). Our clients benefit from custom models that improve the accuracy, specificity, and trust of the consumer insights we deliver. Our team of cultural analysts, the largest network in the Social Insights domain, carry category expertise.

The strategic value that activates new opportunities for our clients is at the heart of everything we do. Data remains data until we turn it into insights to generate impactful results.​

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