• Marketing

    Leverage the Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite to drive smart marketing decisions across all vital use cases.

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    Content and Media Planning

    • Make online/offline media decisions based on the interests and affinities of any audience in any country.
    • Discover each audience’s preference for periodicals, television channels, radio stations, and social networks.
    • Find the right content that will resonate best with your customers and back-up your delivery decisions with real data.

    Campaign Analysis

    • Collect interaction metrics with Synthesio Plus to get a cohesive picture of virality of each post and campaign.
    • Gauge the worth of organic activity by analyzing the media value specific to your campaign topics and subtopics.
    • Measure the true resonance of your campaign content with an Engagement Rate KPI powered by both organic mentions and earned interactions.

    Sponsors and Partners

    • Discover the affinity of your audience with other brands to make smart partnership decisions.
    • Invest sponsorship dollars in the festivals, conferences, and sports events that your audience prefers.
    • Choose the right celebrity ambassadors for a product or campaign.
  • Executives

    Connect The Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite to your data ecosystem to empower teams across the enterprise.

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    Bunkr Digital Cockpit

    • Save time with one-click reporting and go from dashboard to report with press of a button.
    • Customize reports with advanced formatting of text, images, videos, colors, fonts, and more.
    • Connect your teams by sharing reports via web, email, or PDF.

    Beam Command Center

    • Share real-time command center views of your brands’ global and local reach with interactive geo-views.
    • Optimize your campaign content on the fly with real-time feedback from your customers and online audiences.
    • Aggregate photos posted across social media into a single interface and drill into each image for further insights.


    • Leverage the most comprehensive out-of-box social ecosystem on the market and sync your social intelligence data with our SaaS partner platforms.
    • Manage the 360-degree customer journey by connecting to CRM, ERP, analytics tools and more.
    • Build custom data visualization experiences with our simple, flexible Social Intelligence API.
  • Customer Experience

    Optimize the social media customer experience with actionable data-driven insights powered by the Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite.

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    Customer Care

    • Identify negative mentions in real time to expedite issue resolution and boost satisfaction.
    • Target high-value sites, users, and conversations to focus on the feedback that means the most to your brand reputation.
    • Discover issues with specific products or locations to fuel business process optimization.

    Social CRM

    • Benchmark brand social intelligence KPIs against top competitors to see who’s winning the conversation.
    • Leverage Social Reputation Score™ to measure reputation and satisfaction across the industry.
    • Utilize Synthesio’s ROI tools to understand the impact of customer care and other online activities.

    Owned Channel Efficacy

    • Visualize and analyze the evolution of owned brand channel KPIs from across social networks in a single dashboard.
    • Benchmark the performance of your competitor’s owned channels to learn what inspires their audience to act and react.
    • Plan content intelligently with delivery optimization and measure its life-cycle after launch.
  • Public Relations

    Protect your brand equity by monitoring the pulse of your consumers with the Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite.

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    Crisis Monitoring

    • Track fluctuations in sentiment in any location or language to catch negative situations before they escalate.
    • Surface targeted keywords in qualitative mentions to proactively respond to adverse events.
    • Measure success of crisis control activities by monitoring customer response and it’s impact on overall brand health.


    • Generate alerts based on conversation volume spikes to respond to irregular social media public relations activities.
    • Designate specific events to trigger alerts to key departments, teams or personnel.
    • Route specific subsets of content through alerts to stakeholders in your organization.

    Visual Listening

    • Detect outdated or unauthorized usage of legacy logos to protect your brand equity.
    • Gauge the complete value of your sponsorship investment by identifying and measuring the associated engagement with your brand logo in visuals.
    • Protect your reputation by surfacing usage of your logos in conjunction with imagery that might have a negative impact on overall brand health.
  • Research

    Uncover priceless details about your customers and their trending interests with the Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite.

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    Audience Segmentation

    • Generate granular personas of different audiences from social, web visitors, email lists, and CRM data.
    • Surface details about your target segments’ demographics, interests, behaviors, and affinities to deliver the the most resonant messaging to each audience.
    • Build upon existing marketing personas with over 10,000 global data characteristics across hundreds of categories.
    Influencer Identification

    Influencer Identification

    • Perform social media research to leverage the long-tail of influence by building segmented audience groups of brand advocates.
    • Assemble panels of brand ambassadors and track their influencer performance across social networks and mainstream media.
    • Build Panel Dashboards to focus your social intelligence on specific target consumer demographics that influence your product and marketing strategy.

    Trend Monitoring

    • Surface trends by tracking top performing content and hashtags across social networks.
    • Track lifecycles of hot topics to determine whether fads are worthy of investment – or whether trends are on the decline.
    • Trigger alerts to notify content teams if there is a surge in topical volume that can be leveraged to drive engagement.