Finance and Insurance Companies Use the Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite to Drive Success

Whether you’re focused on investment banking, selling insurance, or doing personal banking, customers are talking about your company and its competitors. The Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite provides the financial industry with actionable data leading to better business decisions.

Social Listening for Investment Banking

Investment banks can use social listening to go beyond general data gathered from social media. With social media being one of the biggest influencers, quality data and insights can influence investors’ judgment.

  • Investment banks can build a more complete market analysis with social listening, to assist institutional investors, group heads, and managing directors.
  • Data visualization widgets empower stakeholders with the ability to quantitatively measure the overall reach and impact of sensitive topics and sentiment.
  • Investment banks can use social media during the due diligence process of a merger or acquisition.

Social Listening for Insurance

The insurance sector is immense — from health insurance to car insurance — which is why it is incorporated in most financial planning decisions. The Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite enables insurance companies to monitor their vast industry.

  • Insurance companies can strategize new ways to administer claims using social media to reach policyholders more effectively.
  • Synthesio social listening dashboards allow insurance carriers to uncover trends within their vertical, and more specifically business-to-business.
  • Social listening also benefits insurance companies by evaluating risk.

Social Listening for Personal Banking

Financial institutions use social listening to capture sentiment gathered online. They leverage data to get a better understanding of people’s personal banking needs and industry news. Synthesio integrates organic social mentions with customer care to ensure every relevant mention is collected.

  • Monitor sentiment and learn what credit card holders prefer in a credit card, such as cash back, low interest, and rewards. This helps determine which benefits to offer when attracting new customers.
  • The Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite helps personal banking institutions manage negative sentiment and customer pain points, which can then be used to identify areas for improvement.
  • Synthesio’s Social Reputation Score (SRS) allows personal banking companies to measure customer satisfaction at a business-to-consumer level.