Social Media Intelligence Suite empowers teams across telecom, software, and video game enterprises with technology industry analysis tools.

In today’s always-on digital world, it’s not enough for manufacturers to produce innovative, high-quality products. For every success story, there are thousands of goods manufactured that fail to find a consumer base. That’s why it’s more important than ever for manufacturing companies to base their strategic solutions on the massive amounts of consumer data generated every day on both social and mainstream media. Synthesio’s Social Listening Suite empowers teams across manufacturing enterprises with the data they need to make smart analytics-driven decisions.

Social Listening for Automotive Manufacturers

Automotive manufacturers leverage Synthesio for customer feedback and competitive benchmarks. Our audience insights technology provides executives with the social data they need to attract new customers and build brand loyalty with existing customers. The metrics and insights gleaned from our suite of tools allow automakers to monitor their product lifecycle to achieve a data-driven perspective.

  • Synthesio empowers manufacturing companies across the automotive sector with the ability to track global KPIs for market share, reputation, and sentiment for makes, models, and brands.
  • Profiler, Synthesio’s audience insights tool, provides automotive marketers with the information they need to choose sponsorship opportunities and subsequently measure the impact of campaigns.
  • Synthesio takes the guesswork out of creating content by arming auto manufacturing marketers with locally targeted personas filled with auto buyers’ interests, demographics, and affinities.

Social Listening for Consumer Electronics Manufacturers

Consumer electronics manufacturers around the world use the Synthesio’s enterprise manufacturing intelligence software to monitor their supply chain ecosystem, manage customer service issues, and stay ahead of trending sentiment for energy efficient products. Synthesio’s data sourcing infrastructure and AI-powered classification technology provides teams with real-time access to organic consumer data from social media, forums, and blogs, so they can act quickly to enhance the customer experience across media channels.

  • Consumer electronics brands leverage Synthesio’s network of integration partners to push organic posts that don’t appear in their official owned channels into their customer care portals.
  • Synthesio’s real-time alerts provide tracking of the leading crises indicators to the consumer electronics supply chain, so teams remain aware of global issues that might have major impacts.
  • The Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite provides consumer electronic stakeholders with trend tracking dashboards focused on the industry’s shift.

Social Listening for Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers

Aerospace and defense manufacturers are under a constant microscope on both mainstream and social media. They must be prepared to manage the scrutiny of domestic and international regulations while concurrently preparing for crisis response to events beyond their control. Synthesio’s enterprise manufacturing intelligence software arms aerospace and defense manufacturers with the qualitative data they need to measure social and mainstream media’s impact on their brands, the competitive sector, and the entire network of companies that make up their complex supply chain.

  • Synthesio’s social listening tool monitors brand mentions and keywords, to provide aerospace and defense manufacturers with real-time access to social conversations.
  • Synthesio’s influencer tracking technology lets marketing teams monitor the reputation of aerospace and defense brands and the industry as a whole.
  • Synthesio’s social media command center, Beam, empowers executives with important online conversations and quantitative data visualizations piped through our flexible API into multi-screen displays.