Connect The Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite to your data ecosystem to empower teams across the enterprise.

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Bunkr Digital Cockpit

  • Save time with one-click reporting and go from dashboard to report with press of a button.
  • Customize reports with advanced formatting of text, images, videos, colors, fonts, and more.
  • Connect your teams by sharing reports via web, email, or PDF.

Beam Command Center

  • Share real-time command center views of your brands’ global and local reach with interactive geo-views.
  • Optimize your campaign content on the fly with real-time feedback from your customers and online audiences.
  • Aggregate photos posted across social media into a single interface and drill into each image for further insights.


  • Leverage the most comprehensive out-of-box social ecosystem on the market and sync your social intelligence data with our SaaS partner platforms.
  • Manage the 360-degree customer journey by connecting to CRM, ERP, analytics tools and more.
  • Build custom data visualization experiences with our simple, flexible Social Intelligence API.