Brands need to have the tools in place to respond promptly, accurately, and confidently during an online emergency. Make sure you are ready for crisis management with Synthesio’s Social Listening Platform. 

Track changing sentiment.

Identify potential crises before they escalate by tracking fluctuations in sentiment and conversation volumes. 

  • Practice early prevention via real-time alerts that notify of significant shifts in sentiment or conversation volume
  • Pinpoint where concerns are originating using geographic data
  • Get a clearer understanding of your consumers to craft the right messaging the first time

Surface targeted keywords.

Surface targeted keywords in qualitative mentions and monitor situations as they develop. Using Synthesio’s command center, Beam, you can:

  • Effortlessly track your brand’s standing across the world
  • Observe how your audience is responding to your crisis mitigation efforts
  • Understand the performance of your crisis management plan in real-time and adjust strategies accordingly

Conduct detailed post-event analyses.

Conduct post-event analyses quickly and easily. Synthesio makes it easy to evaluate the efficiency of your crisis management activities by:

  • Measuring customer response and sentiment and quantifying the financial impact of your efforts
  • Tracking your brand health using proprietary metrics such as the Social Reputation Score (SRS)
  • Surfacing the social platforms on which your crisis management activities generated the most engagement and awareness

Observe crisis management in action.

Download our Crisis Management Use Case Story to discover how a global hospitality corporation was able to mitigate a PR crisis by initiating brand health measures.

  • After receiving real-time alerts, the corporation uncovered an emerging crisis related to a recent data breach
  • The company wanted to understand and address the public’s concerns effectively using agile social listening software
  • Learn how the corporation took proactive and transparent measures to improve brand perception
Download Use Case Story