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AI-powered trend detection & insights built with the rigor of market research.

Signals will change the way you work. Signals is an insight and trend detector powered by state-of-the-art data science algorithms. Let Signals find the insights and trends relevant to your brand among billions of online conversations. Then, let Signals show you why, where, and how those trends took place.

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We’re here to make your job easier …

Powered by cutting-edge data science

Designed by experts in market research

Generated at light speed and with real-time data

Providing a new path to insight discovery

… by surfacing different types of Signals.


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Identifying Shifts in Interest

The enduring shifts in conversation volumes surrounding your brand. Be aware of:

  • The emergence of a new competitor
  • A change in your brand’s perception
  • Changes in consumer needs or preferences

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Detecting Correlated Online Interests

Topics with similar evolutions in volume over time. Now you’ll be able to:

  • Understand if your topics have a connection with events, competitors, or anything else
  • Identify smart partnership and sponsorship opportunities
  • Have a deep understanding of audience associations across geographical regions

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Reviewing Associations in Consumers’ Minds

Topics that are often mentioned together. Now it’s possible to:

  • Stay ahead of product issues
  • Understand what your brand is related to in the minds of your consumers
  • Optimize your marketing strategy based on real-time data

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Detecting Peaks of Engagement

The significant spikes in conversation volumes that need your attention. Stay on top of:

  • A campaign victory
  • A crisis that’s about to happen
  • Which platforms your audience is most active on

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Knowing the Best Day to Publish

Which days of the week people are most likely to mention your topics. Quickly and easily:

  • Create a content strategy that you know works, even before you’ve launched it
  • Schedule campaigns with confidence
  • Predict and disrupt competitor strategies

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Surfacing Viral Media

The images and videos you need to be aware of that are going viral. Now you’ll never miss:

  • Users generating relevant and engaging multimedia
  • Statistically relevant accelerations in views, comments or likes on an image or video
  • Images, memes, or videos associated with your brand or products

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Extracting Context Keywords

Words you have not queried for, that often appear in conversations surrounding your brand. Instantly:

  • Identify what consumers are mentioning when they talk about your brand
  • Understand what associations people make about your products
  • Know what drives conversations surrounding your viral topics

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Revealing Viral Topics

Topics you care about that are going, or have gone, viral. Instantly:

  • See which topics have gone viral
  • Be prepared for topics that are likely to go viral
  • Understand what caused each viral topic’s increase in mentions

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Finding the information that’s truly relevant to our brand among millions of mentions was nearly impossible. Signals has been a game changer in cutting through the noise to really understanding our consumer’s online conversations.

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