Optimize the social media customer experience with actionable data-driven insights powered by the Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite.

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Customer Care

  • Identify negative mentions in real time to expedite issue resolution and boost satisfaction.
  • Target high-value sites, users, and conversations to focus on the feedback that means the most to your brand reputation.
  • Discover issues with specific products or locations to fuel business process optimization.

Social CRM

  • Benchmark brand social intelligence KPIs against top competitors to see who’s winning the conversation.
  • Leverage Social Reputation Score™ to measure reputation and satisfaction across the industry.
  • Utilize Synthesio’s ROI tools to understand the impact of customer care and other online activities.

Owned Channel Efficacy

  • Visualize and analyze the evolution of owned brand channel KPIs from across social networks in a single dashboard.
  • Benchmark the performance of your competitor’s owned channels to learn what inspires their audience to act and react.
  • Plan content intelligently with delivery optimization and measure its life-cycle after launch.