Uncover priceless details about your customers and their trending interests with the Synthesio Social Intelligence Suite.

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Audience Segmentation

  • Generate granular personas of different audiences from social, web visitors, email lists, and CRM data.
  • Surface details about your target segments’ demographics, interests, behaviors, and affinities to deliver the the most resonant messaging to each audience.
  • Build upon existing marketing personas with over 10,000 global data characteristics across hundreds of categories.
Influencer Identification

Influencer Identification

  • Perform social media research to leverage the long-tail of influence by building segmented audience groups of brand advocates.
  • Assemble panels of brand ambassadors and track their influencer performance across social networks and mainstream media.
  • Build Panel Dashboards to focus your social intelligence on specific target consumer demographics that influence your product and marketing strategy.

Trend Monitoring

  • Surface trends by tracking top performing content and hashtags across social networks.
  • Track lifecycles of hot topics to determine whether fads are worthy of investment – or whether trends are on the decline.
  • Trigger alerts to notify content teams if there is a surge in topical volume that can be leveraged to drive engagement.