Metrics Reports

Track Social’s Impact

Written analysis from our Insight Services team measures and examines how social influences your brand, consumers, markets, and more.

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Periodic reports dedicated to your social intelligence use-case.

Social Footprint

Assess brand performance relative to competitors by tracking social KPIs, along with qualitative analysis from category experts.

Campaign Impact

Monitor campaign success by measuring consumer engagement and the impact of key messaging claims.

Start making faster, consumer-centric decisions you can trust.

Crisis Management

Report delivered in 24 hours, manage your crisis response by identifying emerging issues and brand impact.

Influencer and Content Marketing

Optimize your influencer and content strategies by ranking influencers and assessing user-generated buzz.

Metrics Reports help you make sense of your social data, translating social conversations, online news, reviews, and search trends into trackable KPIs and key findings that are contextualized to your business and area of investigation.

Delivery schedule options:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly

At the heart of everything we do, is the strategic value that activates new opportunities for our clients. Data remains data until we turn it into insights that generate impactful business outcomes. 

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