Measure, benchmark, and analyze brand health, content performance, and social conversations in a real-time social media command center.

Highly Customizable Multi-Screen Display

  • Visualize your brand health with screens designed to provide a dynamic view of how brand properties, channels, and topics are performing.
  • Gauge the impact of content and optimize your campaigns on the fly with real-time feedback from your online audience.
  • See how the conversation breaks down across top social networks and which hashtags, URLs, and Tweets are driving the most buzz.
social media command center display
dynamic real time content

Dynamic Real-Time Content

  • View real-time mentions of your brand keywords tagged with SynthesioRank to immediately determine the influence of each user.
  • Aggregate images posted about your brand across social media into a single social media command center interface and dive into enriched details within the interactive display.
  • Activate a rotating global display of real-time mentions which provide insight into the granular reach of location-specific events.

Scalable Performance & Stability

  • Create customized interfaces and set the precise parameters of data to be displayed to ensure your social media command center matches your brand identity and priorities.
  • Deploy your social media command center at events, conferences, or within your corporate office to give the public a view of your brand’s most important social activities.
  • Pull large data sets directly from your dashboards and deploy filters via APIs to ensure that the data you share is leveraging the same foundation that powers our Social Listening technology.
social media command center performance