Explore Synthesio’s social intelligence solutions by use case.

Competitor Analysis

  • Actively track how audiences perceive your competitors
  • Never miss an important product release or update
  • Stay on top of negative press related to your competitors
  • See an example of real-life competitor analysis
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Campaign Analysis

  • Connect with your consumers, authentically
  • Track campaign performance to quickly adjust strategy
  • Understand your competitive position
  • Leverage sophisticated marketing campaigns for your brand
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Brand Intelligence

  • Benchmark your brand’s current strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify the partnerships or trends that positively impact your brand
  • Evaluate your brand’s performance over time
  • See brand intelligence initiatives in action
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Trend Analysis

  • Use the latest trends to inform product development and design
  • Craft a narrative that stands apart from the competition
  • Monitor how consumer interest evolves over time
  • Experience how a global brand put trend analysis into action
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Market Research

  • Capitalize on new trends
  • Pinpoint the needs of your target audience
  • Identify what’s working for your competitors
  • Reveal the power of an informed brand strategy
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Influencer Marketing

  • Know who controls the conversation
  • Never miss opportunities to boost brand awareness
  • Test and validate theories with data
  • Gain confidence in your brand’s champions
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Audience Analysis

  • Know your audience
  • Craft the right message
  • Analyze and act upon consumer behaviors
  • Join others who are harnessing social-based audience analysis
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Customer Sentiment

  • Know where your brand stands
  • Never miss shifts in sentiment
  • Conduct post-crisis event analyses
  • See sentiment analysis in action
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